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Golden Globes 2014: Nominations, Reactions and Predictions

The nominations for Golden Globes 2014 has been revealed now and we have some interesting nominees this year. Some great performances have been left behind, which I will talk about later in this post, but first, lets find out who made it to the final list of nominees.

Best Motion Picture - Drama:

Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama
Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave
Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips
Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club
Robert Redford for All Is Lost

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama
Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine
Sandra Bullock for Gravity
Judi Dench for Philomena
Emma Thompson for Saving Mr. Banks
Kate Winslet for Labor Day

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
Christian Bale for American Hustle
Bruce Dern for Nebraska
Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street
Oscar Isaac for Inside Llewyn Davis
Joaquin Phoenix for Her

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
Amy Adams for American Hustle
Julie Delpy for Before Midnight
Greta Gerwig for Frances Ha
Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Enough Said
Meryl Streep for August: Osage County

Best Director - Motion Picture
Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity
Paul Greengrass for Captain Phillips
Steve McQueen for 12 Years a Slave
David O. Russell for American Hustle
Alexander Payne for Nebraska

Best Screenplay - Motion Picture
12 Years a Slave: John Ridley
American Hustle: David O. Russell
Her: Spike Jonze
Nebraska: Alexander Payne
Philomena: Steve Coogan, Jeff Pope

The fact that Golden Globes give separate Best Pictures for Drama and Musical or Comedy often disturbs the movie enthusiast in me. I am a movie fanatic who believes that a good cinema is simply a good cinema irrespective of its genre. This ideology of separate Best Picture Awards questions the quality and effort with which a Musical or a Comedy film is made against a Drama or the other way around. As a viewer, I have never felt that a good Musical is less than a well made Drama in any circumstance, but since this is the way golden globes award is celebrated, there is no use debating about it.

For the Best Picture in the Drama category, there exists some well deserving films like 12 Years a Slave, Gravity and Rush, though they missed a couple of films that should have made to this list according to me. Films like Prisoners, The Place Beyond the Pines and Before Midnight are films which are appreciated by the masses and the critics as well, so their exclusion is quite disappointing in a way. Moreover if this category was bound to include only 5 or 6 films, I strongly believe Prisoners was a better film than Captain Phillips and it could have replaced it from the list of nominees.

For the Best Picture in the Musical or Comedy Category they must have selected the best films because I haven't seen more than half of those names and I can have no opinion about it, though I have watched a film called Five Dances a few days back and was completely in love with the film, I hope the other nominated ones are better.

No comments on the Acting awards, just remembering a few great performances that could not win a nominations. The most effective one among them is Hugh Jackman's performance as Keller Dover in Prisoners.

Movie Geek's Predictions:

Following the patterns Golden Globes has chosen cinemas for each of these awards in the last decade, I have a few guesses of my own. I have made some predictions and I believe many of my predictions will be correct if I have closely followed Golden Globes in the past. Here goes my list:

Best Picture [Drama]: Gravity
Best Picture [Musical or Comedy]: Inside Llewyn Davis
Best Actor [Drama]: Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips
Best Actor [Musical or Comedy]: Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street
Best Actress [Drama]: Sandra Bullock for Gravity
Best Actress [Musical or Comedy]: Amy Adams for American Hustle
Best Director: Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity
Best Screenplay: John Ridley for 12 Years a Slave.

Lets see if my predictions match with the actual winners of the Golden Globes 2014.

-Amrit Rukhaiyaar
Friday, 13 December 2013
Posted by Amrit Rukhaiyaar

Bullett Raja [2013]: Tigmanshu Dhulia compromising on quality to make it more appealing to the masses

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Sonakshi Sinha, Vidyut Jamwal.

Directed by: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Also featured in IMDb Critic Reviews 

So, I watched Bullet Raja last night and I am hugely disappointed now. No it is not as rubbish as "Dabangg", "Rowdy Rathore" or "Singham" any other shit they are making in the name of action films these days. 

I am disappointed because Tigmanshu Dhulia made this film, if this was made by Prabhudeva, I would have said that he improved a lot as a Director, but "Bullett Raja" is below standards for someone like Tigmanshu. 

It was clearly visible that Tigmanshu was more interested in the commerce of the film and not on how the film is made. When we talk of Tigmanshu, we can't resist thinking about "Haasil", "Saheb Biwi aur Gangster" and "Paan Singh Tomar"; such is the standards he has set for himself in the Hindi Film Industry.

This is the story of 2 extrovert young men [Jimmy Shergill and Saif Ali Khan] from the state of Uttar Pradesh, who despite of all their resistance fall into the dirty politics of the state, eventually turning them into local gangsters. With time, they evolve to become two of the most feared gangsters of the state. But the execution was just not good enough and it was like they actually wanted to be a gangster only.

So, what could have been a really good gangster lord cinema, took a romantic turn and the film went to self destruction. There could be a romance angle included in an intelligent way but it appeared like they forced a heroine in between the plot only because a hero needs one.

Tigmanshu often cast the same actors in more than one of his films, and Jimmy Shergill has been working with him since Haasil in 2003. Jimmy was good but not as great as he was in Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster, he has great acting skills and it was disappointing seeing him do an alright job.

Sonakshi Sinha did what she has been doing since Dabangg, she becomes a part of every plot where there is no use of a heroine and when they actually need an actress, why whould someone cast Sonakshi, anyway ?

Vidyut Jamwal had a little role though it was an important character in the film. He has shown more expressions than he generally shows in any of his films, but one who really did something great in this otherwise mediocre film was Saif Ali Khan, Saif was really good as a middle class man and immersed himself deep into the skin of the character of a local UP guy. The fact that he has done great acting playing a metro-sexual in cinemas like "Love Aaj Kal" and "Cocktail" fascinates me even more when I see him playing a small town guy. He did a great job in "Omkara" as well, and this was another instance when he shown how versatile an actor he is.

This film has a good story line but is hugely commercial that makes it a mediocre cinema. Tigmanshu Dhulia fans are going to be disappointed. 

Movie Geek's Ratings: ★★
PS: Since Movie Geek's Blog is trying to determine the greatest movie ever made as voted by its readers, will you please take a minute to vote for your favorite movie(s) on the right side bar of this blog?

American Pie [1999]: Not just another Sex Comedy

Cast: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Seann William Scott, Eugene Levy.

Directed by: Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz

Also featured in IMDb Critic Reviews

American Pie was released in 1999, the year when some of my most favorite films released, which includes American Beauty, Fight Club, The Matrix, The Green Mile, Sixth Sense, Cruel Intentions, Magnolia and of course American Pie. In fact even Wikipedia believes that 1999 was the year that changed movies.

This film has a pact, some friendship, love maybe, some hilariously awkward father-son encounters and Steve Stifler. Now if you haven't seen this film, watch it for the stifmeister. American Pie is about the gang of 4 pretty loser high school buddies, losers in matters that include woman/girl, otherwise they were pretty cool.

When I will write about the most loved characters in Cinema, Stifler will certainly make the top 5.
The directors Paul and Chris Weitz made sure that every character is equally hilarious and important in their own way. So if you ask people who their favorite American Pie character was, they will all come up with different answers. Jim was the lead according to many, while many believes that American Pie is all about Stifler.

This is a funny film which is immensely enjoyable and have some really hilarious dialogues by everyone. Most high school sex comedies ends up being the pursuit of the most obvious element that is getting laid but this one is different.

Noah Levenstein and Jim Levenstein, having the "hilariously awkward father-son" moment.
I'd say even if you get offended by Sex Comedies, I will still recommend this film to you because there is much more to American Pie than being just another Sex comedy. Try to ignore the offensive parts and understand the sarcasm, it has some really genius humor there. It is a gem in the comedy genre of Cinema.

You gotta taste the first piece of this Pie.

Movie Geek's Rating: ★★★

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#List: 8 Popular Films Snubbed at Academy Awards

This list is also published on

Academy Awards is 85 years old, for a film winning the same, it is that ultimate confirmation that makes sure that the film was rightly made. Among other awards, that is, the Golden Globe, BAFTA or any other, the Oscar Awards stands out as the most coveted. However, there are many instances that the mass just not agree with the decision of the academy jury.

In the following post, I am gonna talk about the films that could have won some major academy awards, which includes the awards for the Best Picture, Best Director or the Acting awards. These films never won an Oscar award, even after winning a place in the best film's list of the class and the mass. There are many such films to talk about but here I am choosing only 8 of them, the 8 of my favorites that did not win any award at all. 

8. The Prestige: this is the story of the rivalry between two magicians and the struggle to perform the ultimate illusion to beat the other. This film had two great best actor performances [Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman], a great supporting actor performance [Michael Caine], an equally great performance by a female lead [Scarlett Johansson] and great Direction [Christopher Nolan] which summed up to make it one of the best films of 2006. But sadly, none of them won or even got a nomination for their respective awards and the movie itself was trashed by the Academy and didn't even nominate it for the Best Picture Award. Big Disappointment. 

7. The Shining: This is one of of many Stephen King's book which transformed into a motion picture. The Shining is one of the best films Stanley Kubrick ever made. I am not going to say that it should have won the best Picture in 1981 because Raging Bull was undoubtedly the best choice that year, but this film should have won nominations at least and I have no hesitation to say that Jack Nicholson could have been an equally great choice for the best Actor. However Robert DeNiro's win is no surprise, he was fabulous as "Jake La Motta."

6. Memento:  Now, this happened even before The Prestige, the year is 2000 and this was Christopher Nolan's 2nd film. There was still a Dark Knight Trilogy to come and Nolan was not as great in the lives of people as he is today. Memento is the story of Leonard [Guy Pearce], who suffers from short term memory loss and is trying to hunt down the man he believe has killed his wife. Memento went ahead with the plot in an interesting way. The film is a mystery and people loved what they found out towards the end. It was nominated for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen and lost to Gosford ParkIf not anything, Memento should have won a nomination for Best Picture and the Best Director.

5. American History X: Seeing the results of the 71st Academy Awards breaks my heart. I have no idea why Shakespeare in love won the Best Picture beating films like Saving Private Ryan and Life is Beautiful, but what I am more disappointed of is American History X not even getting a nomination at the Best Picture when it actually deserved to win the Best Picture title. I am also disappointed by not seeing Edward Furlong's name in the Best Supporting Actor Nomination. Though Edward Norton not winning the Best Actor Award is rightly judged.

4. Psycho: There is a something common between Alfred Hitchcock, Christopher Nolan and Stanley Kubrick, their films are never taken too seriously by the juries at the Academy Awards. Its okay, Psycho didn't win the Best Picture award or the Best Director Award, but what disappointed me the most is finding out that Anthony Perkins didn't even get a nomination, his character Norman Bates is still one of the most intense roles ever played in Hollywood.

3. Fight Club: Nominated for 1 Oscar, this is what fight club's IMDB page says. But no, this nomination is not for the Best Picture or Brad Pitt for the Best Actor Award, or Edward Norton for the Best Supporting Actor or David Fincher for the Best Director, this is for some technical award, we didn't even notice while we watched fight club. "Tyler Durden" surely deserved an Oscar.

2. 12 Angry Men: This film is loved by one and all, it deserved to win the Best Picture Award in 1958, not only that, it deserved a Best Actor Award as well for Henry Fonda. But No it did not get any of that, instead a film called The Bridges On The River Kwai won both the awards. No wonder, this is a big disappointment for millions.

1. The Shawshank Redemption: This is the biggest Oscar snub of all time according to me, Shawshank had 7 nominations in the 1995 Academy Awards including a Best Picture and a Best Actor Award for Morgan Freeman, but it won nothing at all. Forrest Gump totally overshadowed this film, however Shawshank stands at #1 in the IMDB Top 250 films of all time chart. Although Tom Hanks deserved to win the Best Actor for playing "Forrest Gump" in Forrest Gump but The Shawshank Redemption was definitely a better film than Forrest Gump that year.

But then again, movies are a form of Art and there is no definitive better or worse in Art, what pleases your eyes may seem ridiculous to me and vice versa.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013
Posted by Amrit Rukhaiyaar

#List: 59 movies you can watch on a random day

In the past, I have pondered over more than a hundred movie lists on IMDB, EmpireOnline Magazine, Listal and a lot more places on the internet and felt dissatisfied with the exclusion or inclusion of a certain cinema in many of them.

But now that, I have made my first list, I know its really tough to keep everyone satisfied. Anyways, let me explain what exactly this list covers.

This is the list of 59 movies that I can watch time and again and never get bored, which do not mean that these films are the best I have seen, you may miss some of the greatest films of all time in this list because some films are so great that you need a good 6-7 months gap to have a second watch of it, you give it a lot of time to feel and absorb every character in it, the classical dialogues and the unforgettable scenes that watching it for the second time instantly just ruin the magic it has. For example The Godfather Trilogy, I love this film, but I can't watch it twice in a week or in a month. Same goes with Citizen Kane, Gone with the wind and Casablanca. 

Same goes with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I cannot watch it one more time, at least for the next 2 years but when I did watch it for the first time, I had huge respect for the perfection with which it was made by director Peter Jackson. 

Basically this list covers all the film that can be watched on any random day, these are great films and there are greater films which do not make it to the list. The list is in alphabetical order so do not try figuring out who beats who. I will come up with a ranked list later.

Here goes the list:

1. 8 Mile [2002]

2. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective [1994]
3. American Pie [1999]
4. American Pie II [2001]
5. American Wedding [2003]

6. American Reunion [2012]
7. Apollo 13 [1995]
8. Batman [1989-1992]

9. Back to the Future Trilogy [1985-1990]
10. Black hawk Down [2001]
11. Bruce Almighty [2003]

12. Cast Away [2000]
13. Cloverfield [2008]
14. Deep Impact [1998]
15. District 9 [2009]

16. Donnie Darko [2001]
17. Einstein and Eddington [2008]
18. Face Off [1997]

19. Fight Club [1999]
20. Goal: The Dream Begins [2005]
21. Good Will Hunting [1997]

22. Iron Man [2008]
23. Jaws [1975]
24. Kick-Ass [2010]
26. Limitless [2011]
27. Magnolia [1999]

28. Memento [2000]
29. Men in Black [1997]
30. Ocean's Eleven [2001]
31. Pirates of Silicon Valley [1999]

32. Real Steel [2011]
33. Road to Perdition [2002]
34. Shaun of the Dead [2004]

35. Snatch [2000]
36. Source Code [2011]
37. Superbad [2007]
38. Superman [1978]
39. Terminator 2: Judgment Day [1991]
40. The Amazing Spiderman [2012]
41. The Avengers [2012]

42. The Butterfly Effect [2004]
43. The Dark Knight Trilogy [2005-2012]

44. The Girl Next Door [2004]
45. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [1966]
46. The Goonies [1985]
47. The Hangover [2009]

48. The Matrix [1999]
49. The Others [2001]
50. The Polar Express [2004]
51. The Pursuit of Happyness [2006]

52. The Prestige [2006]
53. The Shawshank Redemption [1994]
54. The Sixth Sense [1999]

55. The Social Network [2010]
56. Toy Story 3 [2010]
57. X-Men [2000]
58. X-Men: First Class [2011]
59. Zombieland [2009]

Tell me what do you feel about the list above, and do mention name of the films that you think should have made this list.

[Image source: Google Search]
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Thursday, 31 October 2013
Posted by Amrit Rukhaiyaar
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#Trivia: The Alternate cast of Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption, a movie which finds its place in almost every movie enthusiast's list of greatest films. Among many other important depiction of human emotions, it showed the friendship of two prisoners over a time period of almost 2 decades; Andy and Red. The supporting characters included Heywood, Lloyd, Brooks and Tommy. There was a great equation among these characters. However these characters could be completely different, if the actors who were first approached agreed to portray these characters .

Let’s start with Andy; this role was offered to Tom Hanks and Kevin Costner but they couldn't do it because of issues with the dates. Though Tom Hanks went on to win the best actor in a leading role at the Academy Awards for playing Forrest Gump, Kevin Costner strongly regret his decision for turning down the character of Andy Dufresne. Not only the two, even Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen and Nicolas Cage were considered for the part of Andy Dufresne which finally went to Tim Robbins.

Red; the role for Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding was determined to go to Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman or Robert Redford. In the Stephen King's book, Red was a white Irishman, so it was meant to be played by a white skinned actor in the first place, but director Frank Darabont wanted to cast only Morgan Freeman as Red. 

Frank Darabont made sure that his favorite character actor James Whitmore must get a role in this film, so he asked him to do the role for Brooks. The role for the character Tommy Williams played by Gil Bellows was first going to Brad Pitt. Though this character had a small part, it was an important role in the film.

Given the great actor Tom hanks is, we would have loved to see Hanks do the Andy part, or Clint Eastwood being Red, but then, could Shawshank achieve the cult status, it has achieved now? I doubt.
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Friday, 4 October 2013
Posted by Amrit Rukhaiyaar

#List: Top 5 Mahatma Gandhi portrayal in movies

It is a National Holiday here in India, because of Mahatma Gandhi's 144th Birthday. So, I thought of writing something about the man himself. I am going to write about five of many portrayals of Mahatma Gandhi I have watched on the big screen and TV and will rank them performance wise. The idea of writing about a list of movies on the Mahatma seemed so common, perhaps everyone is doing it. So, I thought lets talk about the actors who perfect his role.

5. Portrayed by Rajit Kapoor in The making of the Mahatma [1996]: The only reason, he is at the 5th spot and not on the 4th or the 3rd is because this film showcased the life of Gandhi during his stay at South Africa only. Though, it was the only reason he was cast as Gandhi as Shyam Benegal wanted to make a movie on the younger Gandhi. He did all the justice with the role, just the film was a little slow.

4. Portrayed by Annu Kapoor in Sardar [1993]: Before Annu Kapoor became a popular anchor on Antakshari, he delivered some really fine performances in Ek Ruka Hua Faisla [Indian version of the classic 12 Angry Men], Mr. India [practically India's first superhero film] and Sardar. Sardar was made by Ketan Mehta on the life of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, played by Paresh Rawal during the time of Indian freedom and partition. Annu Kapoor took care of almost every little detail, and was quite convincing as Mahatma Gandhi. Though he could have worked more on his speech, which was a little inappropriate.

3. Portrayed by Darshan Zariwala in Gandhi, My Father [2007]: This is a different kind film on Gandhi's life. It focuses on his personal life rather than his political life, his relationship with his son and how the nation's father couldn't be a good father to his own son. For his portrayal as Gandhi, Darshan Zariwala received mixed reaction. He deserves the 3rd spot according to me.

2. Portrayed by Naseeruddin Shah in Hey Ram [2000]: Many of you won't agree with Naseeruddin Shah on the 2nd spot for the best Mahatma Gandhi's portrayals. It is not because he is one of my most favorite actors, but because he did it as intelligently as any other role he executes, not taking the responsibility of being Gandhi too seriously and perfecting it with ease. No other actors who played Gandhi ever tried perfecting or working on Bapu's Gujarati accent but he did, that is Naseeruddin Shah for you.

1. Portrayed by Ben Kingsley in Gandhi [1982]: Do I even need to tell who tops the list of best Gandhi portrayals, Ben Kingsley lived Gandhi. For those who never cared to find out what Mahatma Gandhi looked like, what was his mannerism, how he used to get angry and the way he ate, slept or cried; go watch Gandhi, Gandhi did everything like Ben Kingsley did in this Richard Attenborough Biopic.

#Honorable Mention: Portrayed by Dilip Prabhvalkar in Lage Raho Munna Bhai [2006]: it is a contemporary setup and his character has no issues of his own. He is here to make a difference through the protagonist. It is a great film, but perhaps the other 5 Mahatmas scored a bit higher.

PS: Since Movie Geek's Blog is trying to determine the greatest movie ever made as voted by its readers, will you please take a minute to vote for your favorite movie(s) on the right side bar of this blog?
Thursday, 3 October 2013
Posted by Amrit Rukhaiyaar

The Resident Evil Franchise [2002-2012]: This was fun but stop it now

Cast: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Ali Larter, Oded Fehr.

Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson [Part 1, 4 and 5], Alexander Witt [Part 2] and Russell Mulcahy [Part 3].

Overall Movie Geek’s Rating★★

Also featured in IMDb Critic Reviews

Okay, so I was having a little chat with my friend some days back about movies, movie reviews and about The Movie Geek’s Blog. He asked me if I am only going to maintain a blog that praises every film, or I am going to be harsh as well to those who deserves.

This remark was like an eye opener for me, and I rushed to check my previous reviews and I found out that most of the reviews I write are for the films I liked. 

How can I call myself a movie critic when I am resisting to grab all my chances to criticize films I hated watching. I am not being funded by Warner Bros or the Fox studios, I have all the rights to let go my words, however abusive it may sound.

Following the advice he gave, I decide to write about a film franchise, which went from Alright to Bad to Garbage after every new part that came. I am talking about the Resident Evil Pentalogy [I don’t even know if that word exist or not].

So I watched Resident Evil: Retribution [the 5th part] a few weeks back only because I have this syndrome to finish off movie franchises I started, and I had to watch this film and I will continue watching it even if they come with a 6th part, which they will.

When the original film; the part 1, Resident evil came in, I kind of enjoyed it [okay I watched it in 2005, forgive me for saying that], it was one of the first few zombie films I watched. I can’t fake to be sophisticated enough saying I did not like it at all and totally trash this film; instead I admit I liked the first film of the franchise. The whole concept of the Umbrella Corporation was fascinating; they remained untouched even after the greatest of apocalypse.

Zombie films are a very dangerous investment for the producers if they are looking for some critical reception; most zombie films fail because of several reasons. The authorities do not consider such films for any form of accolades or awards, critics do not prefer rating them anywhere above a 6 on a scale of 10. These films have to be extremely innovative to climb the ladder of success and critics &  user ratings. 

Some of the coolest zombie films I saw in the recent times are Shaun of the Dead, Zombie land and Go Goa Gone. They were successful because they used the element of humor in the background to present the supposed Horror.

Resident Evil on a completely different note tried a serious approach to present an apocalyptic tale that failed miserably as it became more and more unrealistic with every new addition to the franchise. 

A zombie film is kind of a fantasy film itself, so in a good zombie film, there should be no other fantasy element. This keeps the horror intact, while in this franchise, you will come across a dog with 4 faces, zombies with 4 tongues, some characters that never die, characters that multiply, laser beams and many more things that you will ultimately regret being a witness to a crap like this. I will make some honest remark that you can like the 1st part as it had a story to go after and save the curiosity of the viewer till the end, you can continue to see what happened later to Alice and the others she befriended in the 2nd part.

In the 3rd part, you can see some really nice cinematography and lots of brightness and sun in this otherwise dark patched film also do not miss the little section that showcased Las Vegas covered in deserts after the T-Virus infected everyone. 

Do not go any further; if you are into good movies only, the 4th and the 5th part are real shame to this otherwise entertaining franchise.

If you are only into great cinema, do not bother yourself to watch any part of the Resident Evil franchise.


PS: Since Movie Geek's Blog is trying to determine the greatest movie ever made as voted by its readers, will you please take a minute to vote for your favorite movie(s) on the right side bar of this blog?

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