Posted by : Amrit Rukhaiyaar Friday, 3 April 2015

Here we have a graphic from the England based web design agency called Glow New Media about good and evil fictional computers/artificial intelligence systems from movies, television shows and books. The infographic shows us which supercomputers are bad and which ones are good, for example K.I.T.T from Knight Rider is good and V.I.K.I from I,Robot is evil. The infographic also gives some of the quotes that the computers are best known for or a prediction of what they might say. Please let us know in the comments which is your favourite fictional computer mentioned or any good ones they have missed.

Fictional Computers Good vs Evil
-David Eaves

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  1. I enjoyed that... have seen most of those computers in their movies. Thanks!

  2. Bahahahaha! Is it me, or are most AIs evil?


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